As 2012 winds to a close, looks back at the stories that made the year memorable. Producer Shane McNeil reflects on his favourite basketball moment: The month “Linsanity” gripped New York City and the world.

Originally published – December 24, 2012.

Shane McNeil on Linsanity

While no one will miss the barrage of puns it inspired, the all-to-brief life and death of “Linsanity” was the sort of sports fad that comes around every now and then that transcends.

Yes, the Harvard angle got overplayed and, yes, the sleeping on his cousin’s couch angle was over-reported, but it’s hard to argue with what Jeremy Lin did to the Knicks and the city of New York when a rash of injuries thrust him into the role of starting point guard.

Then Lin took off: A double-double against Washington, outscoring Kobe against the Lakers, a buzzer-beater in Toronto and even fighting past the defending champs from Dallas in front of a wild crowd at Madison Square Garden.

For a month, Lin was everywhere from the cover of Sports Illustrated to the NBA All-Star weekend and even getting props from Barack Obama.

Then Carmelo Anthony returned. And Mike D’Antoni resigned. And Lin had surgery. And the Knicks let him walk to the Houston Rockets. And it was all over.

But for one month, Linsanity reigned supreme.