Soundtracking is a regular column that appears on looking at the music featured in the biggest new releases both in theatre and on home video. Shane McNeil takes a look at one of the buzz bands who dominated movie trailers in late 2013: Iceland’s Of Monsters and Men.

Originally published on – October 14, 2013.

There’s a strong chance many movie-goers are going to get very familiar with the band Of Monsters and Men over the coming months, if they aren’t already.

The Icelandic sextet, which enjoyed sizeable success last year with their single “Little Talks” looks primed to become one of the more ubiquitous bands for soundtracks and movie trailers for the end of 2013.

There’s a decent chance you know “Little Talks” since it was a top-10 hit across Europe and got significant radio and video airplay on this side of the pond. There’s potentially a better chance that you’ve heard  their debut album – My Head is an Animal – since it went double platinum and hit number four on the Canadian Billboard albums chart.

But if neither are true, then you might be one of the factors behind the resurgent success of the albums lead track, “Dirty Paws”. The song was selected to prominently back the trailer for The Secret Life of Walter Mitty last month and, according to Billboard, that clip has given the now 18-months-old track a sizeable downloads boost.

According to the music trade, “Dirty Paws” saw downloads soar to better than six times their traditional rate during August thanks mostly to its use in the clip. Its continued popularity through September can likely be attributed to the track being used to help unveil the iPhone 5.

But Mitty isn’t the only place the band has popped up. They’re also featured prominently in  both trailers forAbout Time, Richard Curtis’ holiday hopeful that hits theatres November 8. One trailer featured “Little Talks” while the linked clip makes use of the album cut “Lakehouse”. Should that film prove half as successful as his career highlight Love, Actually it could mean even bigger things for the band.

“Little Talks”, too, has received a sudden boost, re-entering Billboard’s top 50 rock downloads this past week nearly two years after its initial single release.

Still not enough exposure? The band also has a track on the Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack.

The question of what this will mean for the Icelanders remains to be seen. It’s too early to know what effect this will have on the band’s overseas popularity, holiday album sales or touring attendance moving forward.

However, even if “Dirty Paws” merely becomes the kind of ever-present movie trailer gem similar toDevotchka’s “How it Ends” was a few years ago, it at least provided the band with a small boost heading into the holidays.