Cineplex Certified: Shane McNeil’s top 10 movies of 2013

As a regular Cineplex contributor, Shane McNeil was asked to contribute to the web site’s composite top 10 list. Below the consensus choices, his full top 10 list is featured.

Originally published on – December 26, 2013.

Shane McNeil’s Top 10 of 2013

  1. GRAVITY (Alfonso Cuaron) – I hardly ever see movies twice. I saw this twice, in one week, at IMAX.
  2. THE WAY, WAY BACK (Nat Faxon and Jim Rash) – If only for the part where Sam Rockwell deadpans the lyrics to “Holding Out for a Hero.”
  3. PRISONERS (Denis Villeneuve) – The year’s most intense film and proof that Paul Dano gets paid by the beating.
  4. NEBRASKA (Alexander Payne) – Every casting decision in this film is spot-on. Especially Buzz from Home Alone.
  5. INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS (The Coen Brothers) – From now on I only want the Coens to make new movies about old songs. Forever.
  6. FRANCES HA (Noah Baumbach) – I’m not a girl, nor do I have a female best friend, but I’d like to think that if either were true that my life would have been just like this in my mid-20s.
  7. AMERICAN HUSTLE (David O. Russell) – I’ve come to refer to it exclusively as “American Sideboob”. It’s every bit the movie I wanted The Wolf of Wall Street to be.
  8. 12 YEARS A SLAVE (Steve McQueen) – Tough, brutal and probably destined to win Best Picture. Further proof that Paul Dano gets paid by the beating.
  9. STOKER (Chan-wook Park) – Came and went so quickly this spring but still gorgeous even on a TV. Enough to forget thatSpike Lee kinda ruined Chan-wook Park for everyone this year.
  10. MUD (Jeff Nichols) – Pick your McConaughey poison this year. I like to think of it as what River Phoenix’s character in Stand By Me would’ve done the summer after discovering the body.