Soundtracking is a regular column that appears on looking at the music featured in the biggest new releases both in theatre and on home video. Shane McNeil looks at Trent Reznor, Nine Inch Nails, Atticus Ross and the soundtrack for David Fincher’s latest film: GONE GIRL.

Originally published on – September 29, 2014.

The promotional push is on for the October 3 release of David Fincher’s latest offering Gone Girl starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike.

Along with a new influx of trailers has come the slow leak of music from the film’s original score, once again provided by favoured musical collaborators Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross.

While another Reznor/Ross score was tied to the film all along, though, Fincher decided to pull out another musical trick for the first glimpses of the film, provided earlier this year. Mimicking a stylistic choice from his teaser for The Social Network back in 2009, the Gone Girl teaser featured clips over an eerie cover.

For the previous film, it was a children’s chorus taking on Radiohead’s “Creep.” Fincher kept it atmospheric but took a more grown-up vibe on the Gone Girl teaser, choosing Psychedelic Furs front-man Richard Butler and his cover of “She” – a song originally written by French chanteur Charles Aznavour but popularized again later by Elvis Costello.

Fincher and co. played the cover game in between the two films, as well, launching The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo onto screens with a Karen O cover of the Led Zeppelin classic, “The Immigrant Song,” upon which she shared creative credit with Reznor and Ross.

Which brings us to the scoring pair itself.

Reznor – best known as the frontman and musical genius behind the industrial rock giants Nine Inch Nails –has certainly had his own past with cinematic contribution even before he linked up with Fincher. The Nails contributed tracks to many huge films during the 1990s, most notably The Crow, Natural Born Killers and Lost Highway.

After some more dabbling – including a reported fall-through on Mark Romanek’s One Hour Photo, which evolved into the album “Still” – Reznor hooked up with the British composer/producer Ross and the two forged a partnership. Ross began work with Nine Inch Nails on their 2005 album “With Teeth” and the pair worked steadily together since, hitting their high point on The Social Network score, for which they won Golden Globe, Grammy and Oscar Awards.

So, then, what’s to be expected from the Gone Girl score? Well, upon first listen it’s not nearly the catchy but still industrial beast that was The Social Network.

The featured track is more a collection of drones, clicks and hisses that alludes to the seedier content matter of the new film. In a Rolling Stone interview, Reznor alluded to structuring the score to go along with the films ensnaring narrative, claiming he wanted to “think about that feeling of the walls closing in” on Ben Affleck’s Nick Dunne.

“The Way He Looks at Me” was unleashed by Nine Inch Nails on the band web site as well as YouTube on Sunday along with two other tracks from the film’s score that prove the film (or at least the music) isn’t all doom and gloom. Additional tracks have also been posted to Soundcloud, including tracks entitled “Sugar Storm”, “Background Noise” and “Just Like You”.

Give “The Way He Looks at Me” a listen for yourself, and see what kind of mood it evokes.

Of course, it’d also be remiss to publish a post on Trent Reznor and not leave it off with some Nine Inch Nails, so here’s the bonus track.