Originally published to BNN.ca on Dec. 7, 2017

Getting up to speed on bitcoin could help you in the job market.

According to new data released by job search site Indeed.com, the terms “bitcoin”, “blockchain”, and “cryptocurrency” are working their way into more postings and searches than ever.

The company reported that the number of job postings mentioning those three terms spiked 147 per cent between November 2016 and 2017. Searches for those terms in job postings have surged 488 per cent over the same period, including a 37 per cent month-over-month increase in November.

“While the number of opportunities and searches are still quite small, Indeed data shows that Canadian companies are increasingly seeking experts to focus on this new technology – and job seekers have been quick to react,” Indeed.com Vice-President of Product Terence Chiu said in a statement.

“It remains to be seen whether the rapid growth in this field will continue and it’s worth noting that these are specialized roles that can be hard to fill,” he added. “However, it’s certainly a field worth watching in the near future as both job seekers and employers seize the opportunity.”