Originally published to BNN.ca Mar. 9, 2018

The Bank of Canada’s website has found a new way to leave its users breathless.

The central bank has hidden an Easter egg on its web page promoting the new Viola Desmond $10 bank note.

Beneath the image of the new bank note is a button labelled “SPIN” to see the reverse side, which features an image of the Canadian Museum of Civil Rights in Winnipeg. If users keep clicking the same button rapidly, a ‘Space Invaders’-style video game called ‘Inflation Busters’ appears on-screen.

bank-of-canada-s-inflation-busters-video-game (1)

After attempting to eradicate inflation, game-players are invited to share their scores on social media, linking back to the bank note on the Bank of Canada site.

It’s not the first time the central bank has added a classic video game Easter Egg to help promote a new bill. As part of the Canada 150 commemorative $10 note launch last year, users who entered the so-called “Konami Code” (the up arrow twice, the down arrow twice, the left and right arrows twice alternately, then B, then A) triggered a shower of miniature bank notes to cascade down the screen while playing ‘O Canada’.